Healing Art of New Age

The healing power of art has been known throughout all ages and cultures. The work of art that Smoenjala creates out of her inner development and insight, differs significantly from the sacred art of the past.

lichttor_bild_01.pngSmoenjala's artworks do not obtain their power by supplied external information. They arise from the direct connection with the Highest Source. In whatever form they are expressed – may that be paintings, sculptures, textiles, interior design or sounds – they always evolve from the flow of the purest Divine Creation.

Her "Healing Art" supports people in different ways: self-healing, meditation, expanding consciousness, receiving teachings and guidance.. Healers and therapists take it as gateways to healing energy.

No matter what is shown in the pictures, they are all protected "channels of light" that have a direct connection to the Highest Divinity. They are a new generation of paintings – they are spirited beings.

Smoenjala received an inner vision that through her, new kinds of paintings would enter this world as "Holographic Children of Light". To fulfill this vision she had to discover new ways and techniques. By changing natural day light conditions, the surfaces of the paintings appear three-dimensional and by applying artificial light – especially UV-light – the paintings open up completely new extraordinary worlds and “lives”. The paintings continuously connect galaxies and universes, since they originate from the Highest Divine Creation.